Sunday, May 8, 2011

Monster Trucks? Really?

I had a looong work week, where I found out that we have a reagent in the freezer that could potentially solve one of the problems I'm having with my project and I have to make a virus that I wanted to make a year ago!! So much wasted time. Ugh. I stayed in on Friday night because I was grumpy. However, yesterday, I ran errands and then went to a friend's house. Somehow we ended up here...


Yes, monster trucks. Jumping over cars. Dirt bikes doing tricks. Eating fried food. Laughing at little kids going crazy for bubbles.


Today, I cleaned house - washed several loads of laundry, mopped the floors (with my new Rubbermaid Reveal spray mop!), cleaned my shower, and organized the kitchen. I made the taco chili with the reserved cashew-based cheesy sauce. I soaked the dry beans overnight and cooked them yesterday in my little crockpot. I stored them in the cooking liquid overnight in the fridge, then drained off some of the excess liquid this morning. I didn't have tortilla chips to top the chili with, so I crushed up an extra taco shell. No reason the extra shells from the lentil tacos should go to waste. :)


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