Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Love Google Maps

I've located and mapped all the nearest thrift stores. :) Plus, I've found Whole Foods and local smaller businesses that are into health foods. I am craving pizza, so I'm hoping to find some Follow Your Heart vegan cheese this weekend. Their website says there are a ton of stores near here that sell it. I am cutting cheese out of my diet, since all it does is make me fat and addicted. I figure giving up cheese and booze will jump start my weight loss efforts. (Gotta lose that Louisiana weight and get back to my "normal" size!) ... And just eating less. Lol. Since I have limited funds right now, I bought fruits and veggies because I know I'll eat it since it's all I've got. I've been packing a salad with my sandwich for lunch, it's doing a good job of keeping me full. Much better than 100 calorie pack of snack food.

Work has a gym on-site!! I'm going to check it out tomorrow, I just found out which building it is in. I have some free weights at my mom's place that I want to bring down in a few weeks. I think if I get some of my things reorganized in my room, I can fit the treadmill. Or an elliptical, if I find a good deal on one.

I met other grad students today! Hooray! I'm not alone. The chem people are hosting a pizza and beer gathering tomorrow night. I'm going to go to meet people but try to resist the temptation of cow cheese. I can do this.

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