Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Book Review

I finally finished the Feminine Mystique about two weeks ago. It was a brutal read, because it's so analytical. Not something where I could sit and read for hours. It was worth it though. If you're interested in the foundations of feminism, read it. :)

I also read all of the Twilight saga recently. I will probably read them again, especially when Midnight Sun is released. Midnight Sun is the Twilight book re-written from Edward's perspective. I read the first part of it on the author's website.

So this weekend, I plan on using the bread machine I got from Ashley and Spencer. I want to make some wheat bread. I also want to make vegan goldfish. Maybe even some cookies. Depends on how happy I am. I am definitely craving goldfish, so I can't wait to make the veganized version from schmooed food.

I bought Follow Your Heart vegan cheese to try. I got cheddar assuming it's a safe choice for the first try. It's oily. It has a weird taste. Next time, I'll try tofutti cheese...

Also, I'm now officially single. I feel bad for Scott, but this is the best thing for us.

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