Sunday, January 25, 2009


I got a bread machine from my friends Ashley & Spencer recently. I haven't gotten ingredients yet to make bread though. It's on the agenda for next weekend, since I get paid on Friday. Plus, I have to look up directions for the bread machine. (I would have done that this week, but I read all the Twilight books instead.)

But I have been craving curry, so I used a recipe from How to Cook Everything Vegetarian by Mark Bittman. It wasn't spicy enough, plus I had to heat it for awhile to reduce the liquid. I wanted a fairly thick curry to put over my basmati rice. I would definitely make it again, reducing the amount of tomatoes (due to their juice) and adding more spices.


I've been enjoying the seitan recipe, I've just been making it by boiling. I want to try steaming soon. I think it would be good baked perhaps. I like having BBQ sauce and potatoes with it.

I haven't been eating much dairy in 2009. I haven't drank milk for years, but I used to use it to cook sometimes when I lived in BR. I haven't been buying milk at all, I don't cook anything that needs it. I have reduced my intake of yogurt and cheese, only had a few bites of each this year. So that's an improvement! I feel much less bloated, it's weird. I wasn't expecting that. Could be the increased intake of veggies though, making me full so I don't crave junk food. I really have been craving cheez-its/goldfish crakers. I found a recipe online from schmooed food on how to make a vegan goldfish. I am so doing that next weekend! I need to get baking sheets first. Can you believe the furnished place didn't include baking sheets? The other necessary dishes are here, but no baking sheets...

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