Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vegan Pizza Day

One of my vegan friends hosted Vegan Pizza Day at her house this past weekend. I volunteered to bring desserts, of course! I loved meeting more vegan people and getting to try so many different pizza combinations. There was tofu ricotta, cashew cheese filled pizza cups, cashew cheese and pesto mushrooms, polenta pizzas with Field Roast Mexican chipotle sausages, chard salad, margherita pizza with cashew cheese, potato and pesto pizza, cauliflower crust pizzas with peach + onions and mushrooms + blue cheese style tofu, vegan pizzas from Ruggles Green (a local place), and my mom's strawberry pizza and cashew cream cheese filled strawberries. This was an incredible spread. I ate quite a bit and we discussed some really interesting topics. Love a good conversation! Quite different from hitting up a Midtown bar afterwards with my kickball friends celebrating someone's birthday.
 photo 5f780404-f997-4d64-930f-fe9a2705cdab_zps3aaa9ea4.jpg  photo 517558f7-100d-4963-b3cf-b9ca510e4219_zpsc098a095.jpg  photo 0150e878-56f6-49e1-9546-92609eaf8143_zpsbfed0a70.jpg

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