Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pepper Tree - Houston, TX

I've written about the buffet at Pepper Tree before, likely writing that it was a little bland. One of my new friends asked me to join her and some other people at Pepper Tree on Sunday night. She has been talking a lot about the cashew chick'n listed on the regular menu. I decided to order a menu item too, thinking I'd get the cashew chick'n too. When her boyfriend described the kung pao tofu, I wanted that. I had some steamed dumplings as an appetizer, the kung pao tofu combo (without the soup), and some sesame balls with chocolate sauce for dessert. It was a fun night talking with some new people. I had basically written off Pepper Tree because the buffet was a little bland, but now I know that the menu items are much better!
Also, I'm a little surprised to write that I went out with two different friends over the past weekend. I guess I am successfully, although slowly, making a new set of friends here in Houston. :)

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