Thursday, December 6, 2012

Latest Adventures in the Kitchen

I tried to make the sharp cheddar from Artisan Vegan Cheese, but it got a fuzzy spot on the third day of fermenting. I'm unsure where things went wrong. :( I am going to try again though, since our cheese party isn't for another week. Wish me luck!

On the upside, I made white chocolate tonight. I'm going to use this for my potluck dish and cookies for the cookie exchange this weekend. If I try it and it's delicious tomorrow, I'll have to get more cacao butter from Whole Foods. I don't know if the amount I made today will be enough for both dishes. I bought the Artisana raw cacao butter, not the one linked to in the recipe. The one linked in the recipe I found in the body section, not the food section. Weird, since she wrote about picking food grade cacao butter. Also, did you know that cacao and cocoa are the same thing? They come from the same bean, but cacao seems to be used in every other language and it is now used mostly to indicate minimally processed cacao. I'm way excited about the vanilla powder I bought, I can use it to keep vanilla frostings all white!

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