Monday, May 21, 2012

You Can Call Me Doctor...

Last week, I attended the commencement ceremony for my PhD. Since I just defended six weeks ago, I was one of the graduates still sorting through postdoc offers. Lots of people finished months ago, or even a year ago, and are already working as a postdoc or in a company. Oh well, I still have a little time to pick a postdoc. My first choice lab is brand new, so they're working out finances before bringing me back for a formal interview. My second choice lab gave me a solid offer, but I'm waiting to see what happens with my first choice. Either way, they're in the same city and I'm moving out of South Florida this week! I intend to start a postdoc in July, sometime after the 4th preferably. Since the grad office is going to take some time to upload their photos and the photographer information isn't available yet, I'll just share one of the photos my mom took. This is me with my advisor. I am disappointed that my regalia is so plain. You'd think with all the money that my institute has that the regalia wouldn't be generic rentals from Herff Jones.


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