Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Wild Cow - East Nashville, TN

I am currently in Nashville for interviews. This should be my last interview trip. Last night, I had dinner with one of the professors who invited me for an interview. We went to the Wild Cow. I had seen it online and really wanted to try it, so when the admin planning the trip asked if I had any plans on Monday, I said I was just planning to go to the Wild Cow. The professor offered to take me to dinner with him and his wife, another scientist on campus. His wife ordered three sides (mashed sweet potatoes, grilled vegetables in peanut sauce, and the quinoa soup of the day), but he was a little more adventurous and ordered the roasted beet burger. I'm curious if they used Isa's recipe from PPK. I ordered the Philly - sliced, grilled seitan with peppers and onions smothered in a cheese sauce. I picked garlic mashed potatoes as my side. For dessert, I had a Blue Sky root beer and cheesecake with a blueberry topping. Sadly, I only photographed the sandwich while they were messing with their napkins. I really enjoyed the meal, but I had to use a fork to eat the sandwich because it was so messy. I didn't want to have cheese sauce all over my face while trying to hold a serious conversation that could affect my future.

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