Friday, May 4, 2012

Grins Vegetarian Cafe - Nashville, TN

Grins vegetarian cafe is nestled in Vanderbilt's campus. The slogan is, "Spelled like a smile, pronounced like a color (greens)." After noticing how close this cafe was to my hotel, I ate there twice during my recent trip to Nashville. For breakfast one morning, I ordered the tofu rancheros wrap. Although roasted red potatoes were available as a side dish choice, I decided it would be better to have a banana on the side. I selected orange juice for my drink, but they had some citrus water available. After interview day one was over, I went back for dinner. I had the Mexicali wrap with sweet corn and edamame for the side. They had little strawberry rhubarb cupcakes available, which were vegan! I wish I had gone back for dinner on the second interview day before catching the airport shuttle. The meal I had at the airport wasn't particularly good (small portion of vegetable fajitas). After eating at Grins, I want a griddle to make paninis and warm wraps.




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