Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Variety Hour

I feel like this post is a little disjointed, because I've cooked several different dishes recently. Oh well, better to get these posted than let them languish on my iPhone 4S and MacBook desktop.

Herbed polenta with white beans and spinach - The recipe calls for using a pressure cooker to make the polenta, but I just made it in a pot on the stovetop after looking at some other basic polenta recipes. I used white beans and spinach. I also omitted the mushrooms. I usually don't buy mushrooms unless I'm sure that I'll use them in a couple days, so I didn't have any in the fridge for this recipe.


Cherry chocolate chunk mini loaves - These were incredible! I baked them for my mom's birthday and she loved them! I used fresh cherries, so I bought a cherry pitter to make things easier. I read online that you can use an orange stick (the manicure tool) to get the pit out. I found the correct mini loaf pan (8 wells in a single pan) the day before her birthday, so I was very happy about that. I could have made it as a cake, but I wanted the little loaves so she could take leftovers to work.


Thai black pepper tofu - Since my Tofu Xpress is in a box somewhere, I placed my tofu between two loaf pans, set that inside a tupperware container, and then added cans on top as the weight. This was a pretty good quick tofu press actually! I let the tofu marinade during the afternoon and baked it later. I took a shortcut and used minced garlic and a bag of asparagus stir-fry frozen vegetables. I wish I had an extra onion to cook with the other vegetables, since the stir-fry mix did not include onion.


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