Monday, June 29, 2015

Wedding & Visa Update

I still can't believe we're married! I feel so grown up! It does still sound funny to say husband or hear wife said aloud. I never thought I'd be married before 30, it just seemed so adult. Adult-ing is for adults, haha. Anyway, it was a great day, and I just got approved for my spouse visa. It was such a relief, because I was so anxious that somehow Japan would reject my application! Here are a few quick wedding-related photos:

Flowers from our Japanese language tutors

Wedding bouquet from the language tutors. :)

Traditional wedding tea

Traditional wedding tea from a friend.

Vegan wedding cake #1 - chocolate, of course!

Vegan wedding cake - mom forgot to bring the cake topper people made by Hello Kiddo Handmade.

Cake people on vegan wedding cake #2 - again, chocolate!

Cake people!! We had a second party with some family members, so we got to use the cake people.

The Umstead hotel in Cary, NC, did a great job whipping up a vegan meal without any advanced notice! They even poured on the mushroom jous at the table, so fancy! The Umstead hotel did a great job whipping up a vegan meal without advance notice.

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