Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Dude Cooks, v2.0

I wrote a post months ago about the dude making us a fancy pasta dish for dinner. He recently decided to cook dinner for us again. He made a sweet potato lentil potpie. It was awesome. I am so spoiled. The potpie had mushrooms, edamame (instead of lima beans, apparently difficult to find), carrots, lentils, and some other veggies. He even did a practice cook one night earlier in the week! I only know that because I stopped by to drop something off at his house and he was checking it in the oven. Isn't that adorable?
 photo b83182ab-3e53-448c-a164-8509eb9520b6_zpsc859aef0.jpg  photo ee73f221-bdd6-4dfd-9254-575cb6113eea_zpsc73b3b40.jpg

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