Monday, April 28, 2014

Hello out there!

Sorry for the long delay. Today is one of the few days I'm home early enough with enough energy to post. In addition to an emotionally draining experiment, I'm in the process of applying for scientific writing jobs. I'm ready to transition into a new career, a scientific but non-research career. Wish me luck! In other news, I recently completed p90x. I'm going to start my post-a-thon with that. I did not follow the diet, but I normally eat a 60/20/20 split so I wasn't worried about dieting. :)

Running before the sun comes up means I get to wear a safety vest.

 photo b8f49901-db92-4912-b08e-47361abc9428_zps93db2ea5.jpg

Baby biceps!

 photo 44c5bf29-97e7-4fe8-9b87-111abc6d83ba_zps0c857ed8.jpg

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