Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Past Week

I just realized that I posted about earning my PhD on April Fools' Day. I really did defend my thesis last Thursday. :)

After taking Jennie back to our hometown, I met up with a friend in Miami. One of my neighbors from Baton Rouge went on a vacation to Jamaica, so his return flight included an overnight stay in Miami. We met up for dinner at La Rosa and then headed to Mango's on South Beach. His girlfriend can actually dance, so we ended up letting her dance with randoms while we giggled about our four left feet. I stepped on my friend's foot and couldn't stop laughing about it. It was great to see him and meet his new girlfriend. His old girlfriend from BR is a very nice girl, but I guess things didn't work out between them. He met this girl and they really hit it off when they discussed their favorite authors on their first date. It's nice to see happy couples, it reminds me that my day will come. My friend and I were discussing how it's hard to meet someone smart enough to date. (He also has a PhD, but his degree is in physics - quantum optics.)

This week, I've been eating a bunch of random things - Daiya cheese quesadillas with spicy guacamole, Gardein chicken fingers or Yves veggie dogs with sweet potato fries and broccoli, and Chinese take-out. Tonight, I'm going out with some friends to celebrate someone's birthday. We're going to an Irish restaurant/pub. I called about their vegetable pot pie, the only vegetarian-looking dish on the menu. The crust contains butter, so I made some biscuits (totally cheating, they're from a tube!). I'll either ask to hold the crust or peel it off. Since one of the girls is bringing a cake, I'm going to stop by Whole Foods and grab a vegan cupcake for my dessert.

Anyways, I finished the corrections to my thesis text, but I need to update all the citations tomorrow and have my boss review the new intro. I'm hoping to go home in the next day or two, so I can spend Easter with my family. Then, I'll spend time with my sister, since it's her birthday today, and prepare for my interview trip.

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