Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Back to the Food...

My parents came down to help me move, but I did not want to cook after moving all day. We decided to try out the Quarterdeck restaurant. I've never been there before, but my dad wanted BBQ and their online menu showed BBQ ribs. Turns out they just added a raw bar, so my dad decided to get raw oysters and jambalaya instead. My mom ordered shrimp scampi. I ordered the Ciabatta sandwich with a portabello mushroom, sauteed onions (instead of the cheese), and basil. It was quite good. Plus, they serve tots!


The first new recipe that I made at my new place was lentil burgers. Well, more like lentil hash, since I didn't mash the lentils to try to form patties. I really like that this meal is high in iron, protein, and fiber because it has lentils. :)


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