Monday, December 15, 2014

Kyoto - Bamboo forest

While my friend was here visiting, we made our first trip to Kyoto. We rode on the shinkansen (bullet train). My friend and I purchased Japan Rail Passes because we are tourists (she bought them because you can't buy one inside Japan). We didn't have a real sightseeing plan. We arrived at the train station and asked the info desk for suggestions. The woman working gave us a map and great to do list. We first went to the bamboo forest because my friend saw it on Google and the woman said it was pretty. In the area around the forest, there is a shrine and the Tenryuji temple. At first, we thought only the small shrine was in the area, so we were a little disappointed. Once we figured out where the Tenryuji temple was, we went there and were quite impressed.
Kyoto - bamboo forestKyoto - bamboo forest cemetaryKyoto - bamboo forestKyoto - bamboo forest

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