Thursday, February 4, 2010

2010 Continues

I realized I didn't post my New Year's Resolutions. Since they all relate to food, I figured it's important to log it here.
(1) No microwaving plastic - accomplished by buying Pyrex glass 17 piece kit. :)
(2) Use KitchenAid to bake once a month.
(3) Make one new recipe per week.
(4) 100% vegan :)

Tofu with Asian Marinade from Vegan with a Vengenance -- Used the marinade to flavor the potatoes that I mashed with the KitchenAid. Nom nom nom.


Delicious Black-Eyed Pea Masala (FatFreeVegan recipe)


Excellent Baked Seitan with Orange Sauce (FatFreeVegan recipe)
Steven liked the sauce over his chicken breasts.


*Mediocre* Mexican casserole (Inspired by this FatFreeVegan recipe)
Flavor of the layers was great, but the corn tortillas didn't crisp. Perhaps because I stored them in the frdige. Layers included sauteed onion, red and green bell peppers, mini yellow sweet peppers, Poblano pepper, tomato slices with the seeds removed, refried beans, black beans, cumin, chili pepper.


Super Bowl Sunday is coming up. Since the Saints are playing, I am baking a King Cake since I actually found the right colored sugar sprinkles and cooking red beans and rice. But I'm debating on the other dish: tofu jambalaya, chickpea gumbo, or fried tofu po'boys... I'm leaning towards the po'boy but we'll see what I decide on by Saturday...

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