Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Birthday Is Almost Here!

In my last entry, I made chili. It wasn't thick enough. So I remade it with more tomato sauce and more spices. It was so good! It was perfect since it was chilly outside again. I scarfed it down before I could even snap a photo. I was hungry and it was tasty. Sorry! I didn't make bread because I'm out of flour. When I was in the store for some tomato sauce, I forgot to get flour. That's what happens when I don't have caffeine.

I have been making simple dishes lately, like pastas and salads. I made a taco style salad, but left out cheese since I'm trying to avoid it. I just don't buy it anymore. I put in a sliced up and seeded jalapeno for some flavor. I also made lentils and used them in sloppy joes (instead of fake meats). It was pretty good, gotta step up the spices next time.

But I saw a recipe for white bean and garlic soup online. Turns out there is a recipe in Vegan with a Vengenance too. So I'm making that tomorrow! I set the beans out to soak tonight, so I can't wait. I looked up Tofutti online since Spencer recommended their sliced "cheese" for grilled cheese sandwiches. I was craving some with the chili but I didn't realize that a store near me sells Tofutti. Whole Foods didn't have it, so I had to get online to find a place. So I will stop there when I get back into town after my birthday, because grilled cheeses are awesome. Good comfort food after a long day.

For my birthday, I am going to lunch with my mom, my best friend, and her older sister. I think her nephew will probably end up coming too. It is going to be fun, I hope I can resist the tempting foods. Jenn and I are going to do some cooking together over the weekend, I want to make vegan chocolate chip cookies from VwaV also. If I can get my mom to buy me a mini donut pan, I want to make the mini donuts from vegan yum yum. I saw a pan with mini bundt moulds a few weeks ago, I would settle for that. Why someone would want to make mini bundt cakes I don't know, but whatever.

So my mom wants to take me to get groceries as a bday gift. I know it sounds lame, but it's sweet. I told her I want gifts that are things I can use, things that I need. So that was what she suggested, but she did say she got me a real present. I'm curious about what it is. I need to get something for Jenn, since her bday was a few weeks ago. I think I'm just going to get her a gift card to Borders or something. I want to order the Twilight DVD for myself. I loved the books and I've seen a million interviews with the stars, so I'm ready to see the movie. I also discovered the amazing music of Robert Pattinson (he plays Edward in the movie and Cedric Diggory in the 4th HP movie).

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